1. Use Hotkeys
  2. Drag and Drop
  3. Search For Tabs
  4. Share Bundles
  5. Syncing Tab Bundler
  6. Stop Syncing a Bundle But Keep It In The Current Computer
  7. Open Settings Page
  8. Export Bundle
  9. Import Bundle
  10. Opening Bundle In Same Window
  11. Adding Specific Tabs in Bulk From Current Window
  12. Open Bundle in Incognito
  13. Remove Open Tabs From Bundle
  14. Create Empty Bundle
  15. Edit Link Name
  16. Create New Bundle
  17. Edit a Bundle
  18. Load Bundle

The following are the list of hotkeys available:

  • See Archived Bundles (SHIFT+A)
  • See Main Bundles (SHIFT+B)
  • Search Your Bundles (SHIFT+F)
  • Show Last Opened Bundle (SHIFT+L)
  • Open Bundle (ALT+[BUNDLE KEY])*
* To open bundles using hotkeys, press ctrl+shift+a to open the Tab Bundler popup. When in the popup, holding alt brings up a hotkey associated with each bundle. Pressing the hotkey associated with the bundle while holding alt, will open the specified bundle.

To order bundles, simply drag and drop your bundles until you achieve the order that you wish to keep. You can also move tabs from one bundle to another by clicking on the edit icon, and dragging a tab to the bundle you wish to move it to. Bundles will be greyed out when you hover over them to indicate that they are the target of the new tab when you stop dragging.

To search for tabs, hit the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner of Tab Bundler. You will see a search box. When you type into it, relevant tabs will appear below the search box based on the the url, and the title of the tab. By default, the search box also searches based on the bundle name that the tab belongs to. You can turn this off in the settings page. When you click on a result, the tab is opened in the same window. If you hit enter in the search area when no search results are present, Tab Bundler will open up a new page with a Bing search of what was specified in the text area.

To Share Bundles , you must first have a synced bundle. Click here to learn how to sync bundles. When a bundle is synced, the Tab Bundler icon to the left of the bundle name will turn orange. When this happens, hover over the "share" icon to the left of the arrow pointing upwards.

You will be brought to a page that contains the link you need to share.

The person visiting this page will see all the links within the bundle you shared. They can then open the links of the bundle one at a time or they can click the "Open All" button to create a window with all the shared tabs.

To sync bundles in Tab Bundler , you must first create an account. Visit here, to do so. After creating an account and authenticating your email, the sync function will be available for use. Using sync is very simple. Bundles just need to be "pushed" and saved on the server, and you will have access to your bundles everywhere you log in. Note that there is a limit of 1 synced bundle unless you wish to make a purchase here

Bundles that are synced are coloured orange, compared to bundles which are not synced and coloured blue. Bundles are also automatically synced every time you start Tab Bundler.

To stop syncing a bundle, but keep the bundle locally , right click on the synced bundle, click on "Tab Bundler", and click on "Stop Syncing". This will prevent this bundle from updating on other computers, while keeping the bundle on the current computer.

To open up the settings page , find the gear icon on the top left corner of Tab Bundler. When you click on it, you should see the following:

Here you will be able to export bundles, import bundles, and choose to hide social buttons.

To export bundles , open up the settings page, click on the "export" button that will be available to you on the popup. Follow the steps on the page that will appear.

To import bundles , open up the settings page, paste exported data onto the text area beside the "import" button, and click on the "import" button.

To open bundles in the same window , right click on your selected bundle, click on "Tab Bundler", and click on "Open Bundle in Same Window". This will open all the tabs in the bundle you selected without opening another window.

To add specific tabs in bulk to a bundle , click on the pencil icon beside the bundle name, and enter comma separated numbers corresponding to the tab number from your current window. The numbering starts from one, which is the leftmost tab in your current window. Click on the "+" icon to the right of the text area to finalize your decision.

Below is an example of a user who wants to add 'Microsoft', 'Facebook', and 'Twitter' to the bundle called 'Tech Companies':

To open a bundle in incognito mode , right click on the bundle that you want to open, click on "Tab Bundler", and click on "Open In Incognito". If this is successful, a new incognito window will be created with all the tabs in the bundle.

NEW: To close all currently open tabs from a bundle , right click on your selected bundle, click on "Tab Bundler", and click on "Close Tabs From Bundle". What this will do is match the URLs from a bundle with the open tabs in the window. If there is a match, the tab will be closed.

To create an empty bundle , right click on the "Add Bundle" icon, and click on "Make Empty Bundle". A bundle with no tabs will be created. You can then populate this bundle by clicking on the "Plus" icon, the "Refresh" icon, or you can manually add URLs.

To edit a link name , open up the link list for the bundle, click on the name of the link, and replace the name with a different name of your choice. Hit "Enter" or click away from the input area to save your changes.

To create a bundle , enter a name into the text input area and click on the "Add Bundle" icon or hit "Enter". The tabs saved in your bundle will be the ones that are open in the active window. In order to add a single tab to a bundle, click on the "+" icon, or click on the pencil icon beside the bundle name, and enter the url into the second text area. Click on the "+" icon to the right of the textarea.

To edit a bundle click on the pencil icon beside the bundle. If you want to remove certain URLs in the bundle, simply click on the,'x' icon beside it's title. It is also possible to manually enter URLs into the bundle by typing the URL into the second text area. Click on the "+" icon to the right of the text area. Please note that if you wish to enter a URL this way, the URL will show up as the domain name, as opposed to the title of the tab.

If you want to load a bundle you created, double-click on the bundle name in the Tab Bundler popup.


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