There have been a lot of improvements to Tab Bundler that have not been added to this page. Today's addition will describe all the features that have been added since the latest post.

Let's get started.


The ability to collaborate on Tab Bundler has arrived. This feature comes with the ability to share links via email right from the Tab Bundler Popup. Simply click on the share icon and enter the recipients' email addresses. If you give the recipient the ability to edit the bundle, then it will show up under the shared page of their Tab Bundler popup. They will be able to make changes to the bundle, and you will see these changes get reflected on your own machine. This is perfect for friends who have a lot of links they want to share between one another, or for colleagues who need to do research with one another. The great part about this feature is that no link will be lost in an endless instant messaging history, and no third party app is required - tabs are sent directly to each other's browsers.


Drag and drop is finally here. This is a frequently requested feature request that has been added to this new version of Tab Bundler. Drag and drop can be used to order bundles in the Tab Bundler popup. Orders are kept locally in this version, so changes made to the order will not be seen on other machines. Synchronization of orders between machines is a feature that will be added in a future version. In addition to ordering, drag and drop can be used to move tabs from one bundle to another. This means that if you have research that was accidentally added to a wrong bundle, a simple click and drag can solve your problem. Contrast this to needing to open the tab, and then clicking on the '+' icon, and you'll see that a lot of time will be saved with this new feature.


Search is now available for Tab Bundler. For the really heavy users Tab Bundler, search is crucial. To activate search, simply click on the search icon at the top right corner of the Tab Bundler popup. Enter words in the text area, and tabs that contain the characters in the text area will show up. The bundle that the tab belongs to will also be displayed. If activated in the options page, bundle names can be used as matches for search. If you hit enter in the search area when no results are present, Tab Bundler will open up a new page with a Bing search of what was specified in the text area.


Tab Bundler now uses hotkeys, pretty much everywhere. You can move between your own bundles (shift+b), archived bundles (shift+a), and shared bundles (shift+s) with hotkeys. In addition, there is now better support for hotkeys that open bundles. The hotkeys are optimized to require the lowest number of keypresses given the number of bundles saved. This means that most bundles can be opened with just a single key. To find out which bundles can be opened with which keys, hold alt. Letters will appear in place of the name for each bundle. Continue holding alt, and press the keys that appear. The bundle associated with the keys that have been pressed will be opened in a new window.

The above items describe the main changes that have been made in the past three months. There are a lot more features that have yet to be implemented from requests made by the very helpful users of Tab Bundler. We constantly trive to make Tab Bundler into a better tool than it already is, and we need your help with this goal. Don't hesitate to email me at if there is anything you want to see in a new update.

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Welcome to the newest update of Tab Bundler!

After today's update, you will be able to refer your friends to Tab Bundler to gain extra free synced bundles! To find your referral link, log onto Tab Bundler online, and visit your account page by clicking here.

Spread word on how Tab Bundler has helped you, and benefit with free bundles in the process!

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Welcome to Tab Bundler online!

Starting today, you will be able to access your bundles from any computer by logging on to Tab Bundler online! As time progresses, we will be rolling out more and more features, so keep your eyes peeled for what we will have to offer.

If you don't already have an account with us, sign up or log in to see and edit your bundles!



Welcome to version 2.2.0 of Tab Bundler!

Two main features have been added since the last major update. The first is that you can now upgrade the number of synced bundles in your account. Pricing comes in the three different sets you see below:

Additional Synced Bundles

The next major feature is the ability to open bundles using hotkeys. You can now press ctrl+shift+a to open the Tab Bundler popup. In the Tab Bundler popup, holding ctrl brings up a hotkey associated with each bundle. If you press the hotkey associated with the bundle you want to open while holding ctrl, then the specified bundle will open.

Big thanks to everyone who have submitted bug alerts and feature requests. I always enjoy hearing from you, so never hesitate to send me an email.

Warm Regards,


Welcome to version 2.1 of Tab Bundler!

With this new update, you will now be able to share bundles. To learn how to use this new feature, visit: Share Bundles.

Warm Regards,


Welcome to version 2.0 of Tab Bundler!

The long awaited feature of syncing is now available in Tab Bundler! Many changes have been made to this version, but the main ones can be found by visiting:

  1. Synchronize Bundles In Tab Bundler
  2. Stop Syncing But Keep Bundle Locally
  3. Delete Bundle Locally But Keep Syncing

In the future, we are looking to allow users to create links from bundles, so that people not using Tab Bundler will be able to open bundles that you create.

Warm Regards,


Welcome to version 1.18.3 of Tab Bundler!

Over the past few weeks, the Tab Bundler team has been hard at work, getting the ability to sync across multiple computers in place. A lot of progress has been made, and this popular feature request will be published very soon.

In order to support the cost of having servers to facilitate this feature, the team has added optional ads. It will be greatly appreciated if you do decide to keep the ads on. However, if you do wish to remove them, you can simply do so by unchecking the checkbox in our new settings page which you'll find by clicking on the gear icon at the top right corner of Tab Bundler.

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, so please feel free to leave an email if you have any comments, or any ideas that you think will make Tab Bundler an even better extension.

Warm Regards,


Welcome to version 1.17.6 of Tab Bundler!

Since the last post, a couple small changes have been made to improve Tab Bundler. This post will cover two of the bigger changes that have been made.

You could now add specific tabs in bulk from your current window by using comma separated numbers. This saves you time from needing to add each tab one by one. Additionally, it makes the process of using Tab Bundler an additive one which is more intuitive for some who have asked for this feature.

The Tab Bundler team has added an extra context menu item allowing you to open bundles in the same window. This is perfect if you wanted to combine two particular bundles, or if you wanted to quickly add tabs to a certain bundle in place.

In-depth explanations of the new features can be found by following the links below:

  1. Adding Specific Tabs in Bulk From Current Window
  2. Opening Bundle In Same Window

We hope you enjoy the features that are being rolled out. Please leave a review and comment on the Tab Bundler extension page. We also always appreciate emails, so keep them coming, and we'll try our best to get to them promptly.

Warm Regards,


Welcome to Version 1.17.0 of Tab Bundler!

After a long break from Tab Bundler, a complete rewrite has been done in order to make the code a lot more serviceable. This will make sure that the time it takes to implement feature requests will be a lot shorter, so that you can get back to using Tab Bundler the way you like, earlier.

One of the biggest additions to Tab Bundler with the latest update is the addition of a Tab Bundler context menu item, which will allow you to interact with Tab Bundler using right clicks . The current supported actions are:

  1. Open Bundle in Incognito Mode
  2. Remove Open Tabs From Bundle
  3. Create Empty Bundle

More in-depth information can be found by visiting the instructions page. As usual, please feel free to email if there are any features that you would like to see in Tab Bundler.

Warm Regards,

Future: The ability to have options will be the next I will work on. With these options, you will get the ability to determine functionality based on what you set. Future: Bundles will be associated with accounts so that bundles can be saved across multiple computers.

V.1.17.1: The number of tabs within a bundle are now shown beside the bundle name.

V.1.17.0: ContextMenus have now been added to Tab Bundler so that you can create empty bundles , and open bundles in incognito mode. You can also now close all currently open tabs from a bundle. More information can be found by visiting the instructions page.

V.1.16.0: Users are now able to update link names in bundles by single clicking them.

V.1.15.0: Added the ability to import and export bundles!

V.1.14.3-5: Fixed a bug where the current tab isn't added onto the bundle until Tab Bundler is reloaded. Fixed a bug where adding tabs in the edit mode adds multiple tabs. Allow people to make empty bundles if every single tab is removed in edit mode.

V.1.14.1: A slight modification of the UI was changed, the input is centered, and the icons remain visible when a bundle is selected.

V.1.14.0: A popular request that I have received from users of Tab Bundler is to allow them to clear cookies without saved bundle history being deleted. It is with great pleasure for me to announce that Bundles are no longer saved on cookies! In other words, cookies should now be able to be cleared without bundle information being lost. The issue that I find right now is that there is no way through the Google Chrome UI (as far as I know) to clear just the cookies while leaving the localStorage alone. You can work around this by manually clearing cookies.

V.1.13.0: The UI is completely redone. It is made more visually pleasing, and more intuitive. Removed options, and added an icon that is used to replace all the tabs with the current set.

V.1.12.5: A Donate button is added.

V.1.12.4: The bug where the link would be saved erroneously if the title of the tab had a '|' character is fixed with this update.

V.1.12.1: With this update, the list of links that appear when you click on the pencil icon is now replaced with the list of titles which will be more informative than what it was before.

Also, the ability to open up the single link is made available by double-clicking on its name.

For users who find that the labels to their URLs have just become the domain name of the URL , please load the bundle, click on the bundle name, and click on "New". This should fix the issue.


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